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The holiday season is a wonderful time of year and for many people, it can be a stressful period, too. If you’re planning on having friends or family over to your home to celebrate, you may be wondering where you’re going to fit them all. The truth is, some floor plans are better suited for entertaining holiday guests than others. 


Here’s what to look for in a floor plan so it will be perfect for holiday hosting. 


Open Concept

Open floor plans have been popular for years and they’re especially useful for entertaining during the holiday season. If you’re someone who has a lot of visitors over the winter (or any other time of year, really) an open concept floor plan can make a huge difference. 


With an open floor plan, you’ll have more flexibility when it comes to extending the seating arrangements into adjoining rooms to the dining room if necessary. The house will also feel less crowded even as you pack in more and more loved ones to celebrate together. 

An open plan also makes communication and socializing much easier versus isolating conversations.


Kitchen Seating

 Having a breakfast bar or similar additional seating in your kitchen can make a big difference if you need some overflow seating for your holiday hosting. This goes along with the value of an open concept floor plan, too. 


If you have an open floor plan, you can seat some of your guests in the kitchen without worrying about them feeling excluded or too far apart from the rest of the group. 


En Suite Bathrooms


Sometimes your holiday guests come for more than just a meal and a drink, planning to stay over for a night or longer. With some floor plans, it can be very difficult to give everyone their private space and comfort. A floor plan with multiple bedrooms with en suite bathrooms can solve this problem. 


Having a home with multiple bedroom suites can help avoid awkward bathroom encounters in the middle of the night and just gives you and your guests a little more privacy while they’re staying in your home for the holidays. 


Your guests will greatly appreciate having their own space in your home during their stay. Multiple suites in the floor plan just make holiday hosting so much smoother. Check out the Hawthorne and other multi-suite floor plans from Campbell homes to see your options. 


Multiple Sitting Areas


When you and your guests aren’t feasting on a delicious holiday meal, everyone will need somewhere to hang out, chat, and relax. Depending on the number of people you have visiting your home, it can be very useful to have multiple sitting areas in the floor plan.


With multiple sitting areas like a formal living room plus a great room/family room, your guests will have the ability to space out a little bit and be more comfortable. If there are kids and teenagers, it’s great to have a separate room for them to hang out and play while the adults make conversation in another sitting area. 


Find the Perfect Home


Campbell Homes has numerous multi-suite floor plans that offer the ideal space for entertaining. See all their plans and choose one that works for your lifestyle. 

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