Relocating to Colorado

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What’s good and what’s not when it comes to living in and moving to Colorado.

The Good

Amazing weather with low humidity. Hot days aren’t as hot, and cold days aren’t as cold with low humidity.

Gorgeous views!  It never gets old.

Lots of fun activities year-round for both adventurers and those that love culture and arts.

Economic opportunity abounds as population growth continues.

Awesome ski destinations, from small local operations to world-renowned resorts.

Over 400 craft breweries and nearly 100 craft distillers for those that love to indulge in tasting flavorful beers and craft cocktails.

Denver is home to major league sports action, with the Denver Broncos football, Colorado Rockies baseball, Colorado Avalanche hockey, Denver Nuggets basketball, and Colorado Rapids soccer teams.

Dog-friendly.  Seriously dog-friendly. Many restaurants have outdoor patios that welcome your furry friend, not to mention the numerous hiking trails and dog training facilities that are available.

People embrace healthy living. Whether you are low-carb, keto, or just love to workout, you’ll find what you need in Colorado and others to join you in your fitness quest.

The Not So Good

Wildfires and fire bans are an unfortunate part of living here. Be mindful and respectful and pay attention to current fire bans to keep the forests safe.

The cost of living is a little bit higher than the national average with the vast majority of that being attributed to housing costs. Honesty, it’s so worth it to live in paradise!

Seemingly random weather for some can be annoying. When one day’s high is 75 degrees and the next is 45 degrees, or a hail storm suddenly blows through or 60 mph winds, the advice “carry a swimsuit in one pocket and a jacket in the other” makes perfect sense.

Rumor has it…

Winters, thought by many to be brutal, are actually fairly mild. Although consistently summer days only encompass 3-4 months and there are 7-8 months where snow could fall (November-May), mostly there are just three months of actual cold weather, and with skiing, snowshoeing, and other fun winter activities to enjoy, it really isn’t a negative at all!

The “natives” don’t like folks moving to Colorado. OK, sure there are some of those people a bit overly proud that they’ve lived in this great state all their life, and who can blame them; but for the most part, people here are friendly and welcoming. In fact, it’s getting pretty hard to find folks who didn’t relocate to Colorado themselves.

Legalized marijuana – both medically and recreationally, cannabis has made an impact in Colorado. There are still laws surrounding its use, so be sure to update yourself and don’t assume everyone here partakes.

Moving to Colorado

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