Venezia Park Will Be Unlike Any Other in Colorado Springs

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The north side of Colorado Springs has become one of the most desirable places to live in the entire state. Its schools rank among the top in Colorado. Several major employers call northern Colorado Springs home. Esteemed shopping is nestled in spacious corridors. And soon, northern Colorado Springs will soon also have a world-class park that has been years in the making.

Just a stone’s throw from Campbell Homes in Cordera, Venezia Park will be a centerpiece with something for every member of the community. Named after one of the founders of the original Briargate corridor of Colorado Springs, Venezia Park promises to be a crown jewel of the Briargate Master Plan.

The many years of thoughtful planning that went into the design and development of Venezia Park will make it unlike any other park in the area. 30 acres of land will serve as the actual park, with an additional 80 remaining protected open space for the Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse.

Paying Tribute to Colorado’s Roots

Located at the corner of Briargate Parkway and Union Boulevard, Venezia Park will be a short bike ride or stroll from the Cordera community. City officials and park planners are creating a park that recalls Colorado’s pioneer and ranching roots. Different areas of the park will pay homage to the state’s early days.


A large set of pavilions, the Homestead, will anchor the park. The pavilions can be used for family gatherings, birthday parties, celebrations and community building events. Ample parking and shaded areas will make this the center of Venezia Park.


A large Universally Accessible Playground called The Corral will be located near the Homestead. One of only two Universally Accessible Playgrounds in Colorado Springs, The Corral ensures that children of all abilities will find a fun and safe place to play. A small scale area of turf, called the Round Pin, will be located next to the Corral.

Watering Hole

Every child loves spraygrounds, and John Venezia will have a wonderful one for cooling off and playing in the summer sun. Ample shade nearby will also provide a great respite at the Watering Hole for parents as the kids splash away their energy.

Fruit Orchard

Park planners envision an area of trees that will serve not just as shade and protection from the Colorado winds but also as groves of fruit. In the years to come, the Fruit Orchard may well provide a place for apple picking and learning opportunities about Colorado’s food bounty.

The Range

Until now, parents have had to trek all over the city for youth practices. John Venezia Park will have several multi-use fields for soccer and lacrosse. Tennis courts, pickleball courts, inline hockey, and basketball will also have space. Whether used for pickup games or leagues, the Range will bring facilities to the area that have been missing.

The Pastures

Several shade shelters will be located here, and will serve as a good place to escape from the Colorado sun. Gravel pathways and acres of bluegrass will also invite children to use the wide open space of the Pastures for free range play.

John Venezia Community Park fills a gap in the northern corridor of the city by providing playgrounds for every child and fields for every sport. The park is slated to open during the summer of 2017. To learn more about Venezia Park, watch the media briefing on the website.

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