2017 Home Trends

Design Trends

2016 is over, the best of compilations have come out, and as the holiday decorations start to come down, it is time to think about the New Year and how you want to shape your life. As you get ready to sweep out the vestiges of 2016 and welcome in 2017, here are the hottest home design trends for the year, so you can create a space that is inspiring, beautiful, and perfect for Pinterest.

2016 was all about creating a space in your home that looked sleek, chic, and airily minimalistic. Home design trends for 2017 are a reaction to living spaces that felt a little chilly and occasionally overwhelming, and are geared to make your home feel cozy and comfortable. These new trends are all about making your home become the place people want to spend time in and feel warm and welcoming.

To achieve this cozy feeling, consider using materials like terra cotta, cork, reclaimed wood – after all who doesn’t like recycling – and copper. Use these for decorative accent pieces or to create an accent wall to warm up a room. Popular colors for 2017 include navy as the base of your color pallet as an alternative to beige, and warm jewel tones for pops of brilliance. Indoor vines have replace the fiddle leaf figs as the plant d’jour and help add a touch of airiness to your home.

Your home is your retreat, and the 2017 home design trends are perfect for anyone who wants to get curled up with a good book or favorite movie in a cozy room. After all, having a comfortable home doesn’t mean it has to look frumpy.

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