7 Reasons to Consider Open Floor Plans in 2022

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When you’re designing (or redesigning) the interior of your home, you have several different floor plan options. One possibility you simply can’t overlook is an open floor plan. 

Here are seven reasons to consider an open floor plan in your home in 2022:

1: Perfect for Entertaining

One of the biggest advantages of having an open floor plan is how easy it makes entertaining in your home. 

Picture this: You have guests over to your house for a lovely dinner party. You greet them, offer them some drinks, and invite them to get comfortable in your living room while you finish up the dinner. 

With an open floor plan, you’ll still be able to see and talk to your guest while you’re cooking in the kitchen. It will be easy for guests to flow between one room and the next without feeling isolated or cut off from each other. 

2: Makes the Home Feel Roomier

Regardless of how large your home is, it’s always nice for it to feel a little bit roomier. Open floor plans can make the same amount of space feel much larger than in a traditional floor plan with more walls. 

It boils down to the fact that taking out some walls opens up the rooms and creates the illusion of more space. You can use an open floor plan to make your home feel more spacious. 

3: Better Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is one of the most valuable assets in any home, and walls typically get in the way of that light flowing from room to room. That’s not an issue with an open floor plan. 

In an open floor plan, natural light flows freely between rooms, enhancing the ambiance of the home and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. 

4: Improved Value of Your Home

Homebuyers today (and likely for many years into the future) are often looking for homes with open floor plans. That means having an open floor plan can greatly increase the value of your home. 

Not only will an open floor plan provide entertainment options and added spaciousness, but it will also be an investment in the real estate value of your home. 

5: More Energy Efficient

On the whole, an open floor plan can improve the energy efficiency of a home. In the open space, it’s easy for warm and cool air to flow between rooms which can bring down the energy consumption in your home. 

Without the barriers of walls, it’s simply easier to cool and heat a home with an open floor plan.  

6: Greater Flexibility

When there aren’t walls to separate each space into distinct rooms, you have much more flexibility to arrange and reconfigure the areas in your home. You can move the furniture and accessories around freely to create endless possibilities as your needs and preferences change. 

If you have people over to your home to watch the game, for example, you can easily add extra seating in front of the TV without worrying about walls cutting off the space.

7: Modern Touch

If you’re interested in a modern home, opting for an open floor plan is the perfect way to achieve that. Increasingly, people are choosing open floor plans that connect the living room and kitchen, for example. Open, connected spaces make a home feel fresh and modern in a way that traditional floor plans don’t. 

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the reasons why you should consider an open floor plan in your home. 

If you’re interested in exploring floor plan options, including open floor plans, Campbell Homes offers a variety of unique home plans that can be customized to fit your family’s needs. Check out their floor plan offerings today! 

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