Trendy vs Timeless: How to Balance Both Styles in Your Home

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Deciding on your home decor is more difficult than it sounds. It can be hard to find a balance between different styles so you end up with a home that’s cohesive and in line with your vision. 

Many people are drawn to some trendy pieces and some timeless pieces but then struggle to combine them effectively. It’s a common problem, so let’s break it down. 

What’s the difference between timeless and trendy styles?

Most people are already familiar with the difference between trendy and timeless styles in clothing, but it can be more complicated when you’re talking about home design. In general, timeless items will still be popular many years in the future and aren’t specific to one particular time period. 

By contrast, trendy styles are ones that pop up quickly and only stick around for a short period. After that point, trendy styles can appear dated and unappealing. One example of a trendy style that came and went was wood paneling. From the 1950s to the 1970s, wood paneling on the walls was a popular design choice in homes, but now it easily makes a home look dated and dark. 

An example of a timeless home design style would be subway tile. These tiles have been around since the early 1900s, but they’re still popular today, more than 100 years later. 

Tips for Balancing Trendy and Timeless Styles

Now that we’ve covered the difference between these two styles, here are some tips on balancing trendy and timeless styles in your home:

1: Opt for Trendy Accessories and Timeless Staples

Before you go out and spend a pile of money on a very expensive, very trendy new couch, consider this rule of thumb– you should invest in timeless, durable materials and use trendy items as your accent pieces. 

That way, if you ever decide you don’t like a trend anymore or need to sell your home, it’s easy to switch out the old trendy pieces for something more up-to-date. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to invest heavily in trendy pieces since they likely won’t last a long time. Instead, make your investment pieces more timeless choices that will still be beautiful and stylish even decades from now. 

Examples of timeless staples to invest in include:

  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Stone or solid-surface countertops
  • Hardwood floors
  • Exposed brick
  • White kitchen cabinets

2: Weigh Resale Value Against Your Taste

You should design your home in a way that makes you feel happy and comfortable. If you’re too focused on choosing only timeless styles to preserve the retail value of your house, it won’t feel like your home. 

It’s smart to consider adding timeless items to your home while making sure you’re still choosing items that excite you, even if they’re very trendy. Trust your instincts to guide your design process. 

3: Familiarize Yourself with Current Trends

You may not even know what’s currently trending in home decor. You can browse magazines, social media, and even home decor shows to get an idea of what’s currently trendy. That way, you’ll have some inspiration for what trendy items you like and don’t like.

Choose some items that fit with the trends you like and ignore the rest. Once you have the basic design of your home set, you can be more selective and find trendy items that fit into what you already have. 

4: Work with a Designer

If you’re not experienced in home design, it’s always a good idea to consider working with a good designer. A professional designer will have experience perfectly balancing timeless and trendy styles in a way that suits your taste and preserves the resale value of your home. 

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to choose between trendy and timeless styles as you decorate your home. Use these tips to find the perfect balance and you’ll love the decor in your house!

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