Best New Home Features for Pets

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Here are some easy ideas for how to make your new house an absolute pet paradise your furry friend will enjoy as much as you. Check them out below. Your furry friend will thank you!

Pet Door

Pet doors are classic for a reason. They’re a great feature to add to any home and there are more versatile styles than the simple plastic flap most people picture. You have plenty of options to find what works for you, your home, and your pet. Once installed, your pet will be able to freely go outside and get fresh air when they need it, but also return to the cool air when they start to get too hot in the summer or warm up in the cozy home in the winter months.

Outdoor Water Station

After they use the pet door to head outside and enjoy the outdoors, your pet will eventually need some water. An outdoor water station can mean a lot of different things but it’s practically guaranteed that your pet will love any of them. For example, you could simply set up a semi-permanent drinking area outside so your pal can stay refreshed and hydrated whenever they need. Some water bowls are self-filling from a mechanism attached to the water hose. But if you’re looking for something not only functional but fun, why not try a wading pool? Just like you, your pets might enjoy a little fun in a pool during those warmer months. Remember to occasionally empty, clean, and refill their water pail or pool. Another cool feature is setting up an outdoor shower or other washing station. In the summer months, you can use it to help quickly cool down your pet and then year-round it doubles as a tool to quickly clean them up before they go inside and potentially dirty your beautiful home.

Shady or Dry Relaxation Area

For a dry, but still cool, outdoor area, consider setting up a shady relaxation area for your pet. You could incorporate a pet area into a covered porch you already have or easily set up some kind of overhead fixture like an umbrella or tent. When the temperature starts to rise and your pet is looking for a way to escape the hot sun, the shady relaxation area will be perfect. It can also double as a nice place to go if there is light snow or a rainy mist. They still get to enjoy the fresh air while avoiding the perils of less-than-perfect weather. 

Out of Sight (and Smell!) Litter Box

A litter box is something pet cats need year-round, of course, but a built-in, hidden litter box is another feature you should consider adding to your home if you own cats. No one wants to live with the unpleasant sights and smells that generally accompany a cat’s litter box. Rather than having to constantly dispose of cat litter to keep your home environment fresh, you could simply invest in one of the innovations in litter boxes that help it stay clean. Additionally, nowadays litter boxes can look like almost any normal home decor from fake potted plants to furniture. Even better, you can create the option to hide the litter box in a cabinet or under the stairs with access through an opening, tucked away out of sight. Your cats will have all the privacy they could want and you can spend less time and energy worrying about litter. It will be like it’s not even there!

Vertical Play Area

For the cat owners out there, there’s a great way to help them stay active and stimulated inside the home. By adding a vertical play area to your home, you’ll allow your cats to drive away boredom permanently. Cats can keep themselves entertained for hours on end running along ledges near the ceiling or going up and down small staircases. You can even build a cat playground outside that is enclosed to keep them safe. They’ll focus on enjoying themselves in their new play area and love you more for it!

A Pet Paradise- Right in Your Home

Any pet owner will tell you that their animals are part of their family. Sometimes overlooked ways to show that affection is by adding some simple features like outdoor water stations and play areas to your house. Remember that it may take your pet time to get used to the new home and be their old self again. If you incorporate even one of these features, your new house will start to feel like home for your pet in no time. 

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