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As parents, we want the best for our kids. We want to secure for them a better life and a brighter future. Seeing them healthy and happy is one of the most joyful parts of watching our children grow up. But knowing how to help our children be their best is getting more convoluted by the day. They start learning so young, and the habits form so easily, we can’t afford to waste any time getting our kids on the right track.

Access to good education is considered one of the most fundamental building blocks in a child’s life. And we want to give our children those blocks, those opportunities to succeed and achieve their wildest dreams. But opportunity doesn’t always knock; sometimes, we need to walk up to the door and ring the bell until someone answers.

We can take the future into our hands and give our kids back a world full of hope and possibility. We can’t always know what lies ahead for our families, but we can always rely on excellent education in an uncertain world. So we can’t just settle for a good school district for our kids. We need a great school district.

So how do you choose a school district for your children? Which door is the right door? You’ll want to look closely at each district’s report cards before you make your decision.

Here are some great questions to consider when looking for a home for your children’s education to flourish:

How does the district test?

Test scores are an excellent way to stack up school districts in an obvious way. Seeing the numbers can lay it out for you, plain and simple. Investigate the various district options in your area and see how they compare. Testing numbers don’t mean everything, but you’ll want to be a part of a district that frequently tests their students to make sure kids are absorbing all of the vital material.

GRADED A: District 49, which covers both the Meridian Ranch and the Paint Brush Hills communities, assesses student performance in multiple ways, using interim and summative testing to gauge the students’ learning throughout the year. Pikes Peak Early College, a 9-12 school in District 49, showcased an impressive Average Standard Score of 91.81 in 2019, proving there is power in cursory and consistent testing.

How happy are the teachers?

Teachers get into teaching because they care about our children’s learning. It’s their whole job. And the better equipped they are to do the job, the happier they’ll be. Teacher happiness directly translates to a better education experience for all kids. A district that cares for the teachers’ overall well-being will become a stable and comfortable learning environment for our kids.

GRADED A: Teachers in District 20 seem to be having a good go of it. Niche named District 20 the #3 best place to teach in the Colorado Springs area.There’s a correlation between teacher happiness and results here, too: Niche has also named this district the #2 best overall school district for Colorado Springs.

Cordera and Bradley Ranch are two beautiful communities offering easy access to District 20 schools, and all the amenities your whole family might want or need.

How are the class sizes?

Many reports show that kids show better growth when the teacher to student ratio is kept lower. These reports seem like common sense: the smaller the ratio, the more time the teacher can spend focused on helping our children learn. Smaller class sizes can also mean fewer overall disruptions from other students, which gives the teachers more time to teach.

GRADED A: Prairie Winds Elementary School has a 15:1 student-to-teacher ratio: lower than the national average. When you look at the numbers, they’re pretty straightforward. This elementary school is rated one of the highest in Colorado Springs and is considered one of Colorado’s top 50 elementary schools. We aren’t the only ones impressed with these scores. Niche gave this District 38 school an A as well!

The Beach at Woodmoor would be an excellent choice for your new home if you’re considering District 38.

How are the extracurricular options?

Extracurriculars are such an essential but often overlooked part of keeping our children engaged in their schooling. Education comes in many forms and a myriad of options to choose from just means more paths for the students to explore. The more opportunities we can give our children to sink their teeth into a new hobby or interest, the more likely they will find a way to enjoy their school experience.

GRADED A: Lewis-Palmer High School in District 38 boasts a variety of exciting clubs and groups for your kids. They offer some of the more everyday activities, such as Forensics, Art Club, and National Honor Society, while also appeasing some of the more niche interests like robotics, Dungeons and Dragons, and even lumberjacking. Schools like Lewis-Palmer High School listen to what their students crave to learn about and then really run with it. (No running in Lumberjack Club though, we’d wager.)

A great school district for our children is the north star in our quest to become good parents. It provides them all of the opportunities they need to become great kids and even better adults. Give your kids the tools they need by being a part of one of these phenomenal districts. And Campbell Homes has your family in mind – all of these districts are a part of our community, and that’s no accident. Campbell Homes builds to create your best present and most exciting future, for you and your children.

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