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When the snow melts and sunny days in the 50s come calling, we grab our hat, gardening gloves and tools, and rush to the yard to get things cleaned up, organized, and planted, right?

Not in Colorado…

Spring is upon us complete with its unpredictable plot twists. 

Whether you are new to the area or a long-term resident of Colorado Springs, you should be aware springtime in Colorado can be quite tricky. There are long stretches of warm temperatures with little rain followed by the potential for plummeting temps and a heavy, wet snow storm at the end of May. 

It sounds like every gardener’s worst nightmare, doesn’t it—seeing those budding trees and slightly peaking flowers one day and a white blanket of snow covering them the next. It can be disheartening. 

The uncertainty of spring, followed by long periods of high temperatures and no humidity during the summer, make Colorado Springs a not-for-the-faint of heart gardening adventure. But if you are willing to put in the work, and choose the right type of plants, it can be rewarding.

Campbell Homes was founded in 1965. It began with the simple philosophy of creating comfortable, stylish homes constructed with the absolute best building materials, while incorporating the latest technologies available.

At Campbell Homes, we  are committed to building tasteful living spaces in various communities throughout the city. Our customizable floor plans, with integrated technology and quality craftsmanship, look even better when you add your personal touches to the outdoor space. 

To help you this spring and summer, we’ve gathered a few gardening trends, taking in account the area we live in. Hopefully, these will help you position yourself and your yard for the greatest success, and maybe even save you some money in the long-run!

It should be noted that it is incredibly important to understand the growing season and how different gardening can be in Colorado. The growing season can be quite varied across the state which is much different than many other areas of the country. Colorado actually has nine different zones because of the variance in altitude and differences in soil consistently.

Top Gardening Trends

Trends may come and go however, a well-planned garden can be long lasting and impactful.

Even though we cannot control the weather, we can improve our chances of success by selecting gardening styles and plants that can survive the bitter winters and hot summers of Colorado. 

Surprisingly, even within the territory of Colorado Springs, the climate changes subtly and the soil between the different areas varies. In general, Colorado Springs is located in zones 5 to 6.

A little research can go a long way. It can help you determine what gardening style will best fit your home. We recommend referring to the Plant Hardiness Zone Map online to determine which zone you currently live in. This will help guide you to the type of plants that will fair the best given the fickle climate of the Colorado Springs area. Keep in mind that for every 1000 feet above sea-level the temperature decreases by 3.5 degrees.

The biggest trends for 2023 are listed below:

  • Organic Layouts
  • Meadowscaping
  • Xeriscaping
  • Garden of Eden
  • Scandinavian Minimalist
  • Sustainable Vegetable Gardens
  • Alternatives to Traditional Grass Lawns

Organic Layouts

As bold colors and maximalist trends in landscapes continue, many homeowners want the benefits of beautiful gardens without the complicated layouts and designs. This is leading to more organic styles with simple orientations, incorporating a whimsical touch with wandering gravel paths, stylish arbors whispering of romance, and letting the space breathe in a very natural way. We recommend using hardy plants which need little water and which can thrive in high altitude, arid climates, for the best results. 



Part of any gardening space are the flowerbeds. They are always in style and that is no different this year. What is different is what is being planted into the beds. In a world where our daily lives can sometimes overtake our existence, many people are looking for low maintenance and easy upkeep. Using meadowscaping, wildflowers mixed with various ornamental grasses like blue fescue, lomandra, and silvergrass, can create a lovely organic space without needing to spend a great deal of time tending it. Another important note to make is meadowscaping takes little water to get impressive results.


A welcome trend in gardening, xeriscaping has become popular in those areas in which water is at a premium. Given the push for water conservation in the Colorado Springs area, xeriscaping could be the answer to your gardening needs. This trend incorporates a garden space which requires little to no additional irrigation to thrive. It also allows for endless creativity and can involve various styles. Mixing stonework with various natural grasses can provide a classy look, requiring minimal water and upkeep. This style also allows for various differences in light, drainage, and wind exposure within the property. 

Garden of Eden

This is a trend which continues to be popular among gardeners. For this aesthetic, it is important to mix in edible plants with pollinator and bird-friendly plants. The idea is to nurture nature with the plants and flowers indigenous to the Colorado Springs area. Also, don’t keep them contained in specific flowerbeds, but let them blossom and bloom in various, unexpected places. Use organic products to help restore the soil and help maintain soil health. The idea of this space is to create a place where there is an abundant garden filling the area with various wildlife and activity.

Scandinavian Minimalist

This trend recognizes the reverence of specific materials such as warm woods, contrasting colors, and stone. Plants in this type of gardening trend tend to be wide varieties of JeanGenie Colorado Blue Spruce, Burly Blue Juniper, and other hardy grasses. Having plants which can cascade over stone and native Colorado flowering plants can add a dreamy quality to bring it all together. 

Sustainable Vegetable Gardens

Growing vegetables at high altitude can be daunting. However, if you know your vegetables and the appropriate time to plant them, you can be successful. Vegetables are divided into cool season and warm season categories. 

Cool Season Vegetables (planted spring and fall):

  • Beets
  • Cabbage
  • Carrots
  • Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Onions

Warm Season Vegetables (planted when temps are regularly above 65):

  • Beans
  • Corn
  • Eggplant
  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes

Protecting your garden from Colorado Springs’ wildlife and weather is important. Covering your garden with perforated black plastic can keep the soil warm and ward off those sharp temperature drops. Frost blankets are available as well. Putting up simple fencing can keep wildlife from snacking on your vegetables. 

Alternatives to Traditional Grass Lawns

In Colorado Springs, water conservation is important. Grass lawns, while beautiful and inviting, can require a lot of maintenance and watering to keep them looking their best. This can become problematic and wasteful. Some homeowners have rejected the traditional grass lawns for other plants which require far less water. These can include; dymondia, elfin thyme, carpet of stars, and ruschia. These plants are hardy and can provide the green look of a grass lawn without the same level of maintenance and much lower water requirements. 

Another alternative is the use of gravel and stonework. They provide a sharp look and unique aesthetic to any home. With varying color, size, and shape, gravel and other stonework can transform any yard into a beautiful work of art. Homeowners should also note that if they tire of a particular layout, it can be easily moved, altered, and improved in many ways. The possibilities are truly endless.

Another alternative is artificial turf. This product has come a long way since the 60s when it was first introduced. Nowadays it is longer and has varied coloring to more closely resemble organic grass. It’s easy to clean, long-lasting, and when used with gravel, stonework and mulch, can create a beautiful, diverse lawnscape. One thing to keep in mind is that since it is essentially plastic, it can get hot in full sun during the summer, making it uncomfortable for kids and pets. 

 Final Thoughts

Every family is different, unique in their likes and dislikes. They are a microcosm of society as a whole. Every single one of us has preferences and visions of what we want our home to be. We can help you realize those dreams. 

At Campbell Homes, we pride ourselves in providing beautiful living spaces without the cookie cutter feel of many home builders. We offer unique designs and accommodations by our award-winning craftsman. We can offer one-on-one consultation to custom-fit our plans, offering the power of personalization to every family.

Consider the outdoor spaces your home and property have to offer an additional boost of curb appeal. Whether colorful additions in floral options or muted colors in stonework or outdoor living space, they can be the missing piece to a perfect home.

We welcome questions and meaningful discussions on designing and maintaining your one-of-a-kind home. We are Campbell Homes.

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