Get Your Home Summer-Ready With These Tips

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For most people, summer paints images of fun-filled, beat-the-heat outdoor activities like a trip to the beach or a backyard party with friends. But for some who’d rather stay indoors, the hot season means planting yourself in front of the fan or near the air conditioner to beat the heat.

There are other ways to beat the summer heat at home. Sometimes, making some changes in your house’s interior can help! Get your residence ready for the hot season by following these tips.

Keep Your Furniture Apart

Doesn’t moving around in a room full of furniture and crowded with a lot of bric-a-brac give off a cramped, stuffy feeling? That could worsen during the summer when all you wish for is to be in a cool and breezy area. Try moving your furnishings towards the walls—making sure to keep a good distance between them—for an airy feel and appearance. This would also free up additional space for you to move around comfortably and without restraint.

Freshen Up Your Surroundings

If you still have your thermal-insulated drapes up since the last winter, then it’s time for a quick change. Use curtains to freshen and brighten up your room! If you want to chill at home, put up window treatments done in a darker shade of blue or green. If you’re the type who enjoys the summer sun while in the comfort of your own home, sheer curtains that allow in natural light will do.

Create an Outdoor Extension of Your Indoor Space

Whether you plan on spending the summer at home or just want a cool space to chill after a tiring day, you can never go wrong with a clean, comfortable patio at home. Build an outdoor extension of your indoor living space with a soft, comfy seat and a table for your favorite book or drink. Out here, you may appreciate the summer night’s breeze more than the cool air coming from your fan or AC.

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