Home Tips for Getting “Winter Ready”

Home Care and Maintenance

Seasons Greetings!

With winter fast approaching, here are a few tips for maintaining your home throughout the upcoming months.

  • Garden Hoses – always leave them un-hooked from the hose bibs.  When the hose is connected to the hose bib it can act like a siphon causing the water to flow back into the pipe.  This pipe could freeze, splitting the pipe and causing a leak inside your home.
  • Landscaping – it’s important to “winter-water” your landscaping when we get those warm days.  Your landscaping will be further ahead when Spring arrives.
  • Attic Moisture – with wind driven rain and snow, it’s possible to acquire moisture in the attic through the required venting. You’ll need to clear it out – just pop your head in the attic to check!
  • Furnace – replace your furnace filter monthly with a standard filter.  Don’t get a thicker, or pleated type as they don’t allow the proper air flow, causing strain on your furnace system.
  • No Salt – never use salt or magnesium chloride products on your concrete sidewalks or driveways.  De-icing agents can cause spalling which will weaken the concrete. Be sure and clean off the driveway as you go through town on snowy days, as magnesium chloride is used in the Colorado Springs area and will stick to your car and drop onto the driveway.  A good sealer applied to the concrete is also highly recommended.  Sand or kitty litter can give traction without damaging the concrete.
  • Sprinkler – keep your sprinkler system drained, as it will cause parts to break if it freezes with water in it.

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