How to Revamp Your Home on a Budget


If it seems like your home feels outdated or bland, it might be time to redecorate the interior. Doing so is a great way to spruce things up and make your place feel new.

The good news is, you don’t have to spend much when redecorating. Here are some tips from the best home builders in Colorado on how to revamp your interiors on a budget.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

This is probably the easiest way to bring new life to your home. While your paint may last for years, over time, it will wear down and lose its initial color. By repainting your interior, you can reintroduce its original splendor. You can also spice things up by using palettes you haven’t tried before.

When repainting, all you need are brushes, rollers, and, you guessed it, new paint! What’s even better is most of the things you’ll use are likely stored somewhere in the basement.

As for the paint, a gallon, which can cover around 400 sq. feet, costs around $15 to $30. That’s a low amount when compared to wallpaper, which is only good for 30 ft but is priced the same. You can also hire builders in Colorado Springs if you want a professionally done paint job.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have the time or budget to repaint your home, you can alter the trimmings. This will still freshen up the interior without having to apply new coats on entire walls.

Look for Bargains

If you want to add new stuff to your home, like furnishings and knickknacks, you can browse different stores and buy from the one that offers the best price. Take the time to visit shops; and, if you’re lucky, you might even find the item/s you’re looking for being sold at a discount price.

Flea markets and antique shops are also gold mines for inexpensive furnishings. These places often have great deals on unique pieces you won’t find at your typical furniture store. Some of these items may be a little worn, but they can be easily fixed with a bit of repainting and refurbishing.

Start Redecorating

With these tips, you can start your redecoration project on a budget. Check out Campbell Homes to see some of the top interior designs made by the best home builders in Colorado for inspiration.

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