Three Types of New Construction Home Builders

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The groundbreaking is momentous and the ribbon-cutting is triumphant…but in between these milestones are months of detailed and painstaking dedication. So goes the journey of just about every homeowner who decides to build their new home.

There are many considerations for those planning to go the route of new home construction, starting with the type of builder you choose to make it happen

Whether you’ve meticulously detailed your floor plan and design down to the last square inch, or are flexible with the finished product so long as it contains certain essentials, there are different types of new home builders that can help turn your dream home into a reality.

Let’s explore the three main types of home builders you can choose for your new home construction.

Production Home Builders

Production builders (aka tract builders or high volume builders) use stock plans to build homes on land that’s owned by the building firm and are often located in master-planned communities. Offering home and land as a package that’s built within a community, houses constructed by production builders offer a range of floor plans, styles, exterior elevations, and designs to choose from. The fastest and most cost-effective of all new home construction build options, production home builders simplify the process and ease the decision making while still maintaining quality, high-end craftsmanship. While structural changes aren’t allowed and options are streamlined to control budgets, buyers who choose this build method can still add their personal touch by selecting appliances, countertops, flooring, cabinetry, and fixtures.

Custom Home Builders

By choosing a custom home builder for your new home construction, you have complete control over every detail, and ultimately end up with a finished product that’s in total alignment with your unique vision. Custom home builders construct on your land and work with you in lockstep to devise the floor plan and exterior/interior design elements based on your wants, needs, and specifications. Many buyers who opt for fully custom homes work separately with an architect and builder of their choice, while some custom home builders provide a full design-build service handling everything from concept through construction. Your enhanced involvement with the process guarantees a one-of-a-kind end result, but keep in mind custom home builders can be far more expensive than other options and require significantly more upfront deposit, while demanding a tremendous amount of time and energy to manage. 

Semi-Custom Home Builders

For some, working with a semi-custom home builder is the best of both worlds. Think of it this way: you’ll get more customization possibilities than a production home, but not the total control of a full custom build. Choosing a semi-custom builder will give you a distinctive home that’s in tune with your essence—without the stress, cost, and potential exhaustion of controlling every aspect of the build. Similar to production builders, semi-custom builders have a series of floor plans you can select for your lot or place on their lots. The difference with these pre-selected plans, though, is your ability to make custom changes to meet your lifestyle and making the finished product uniquely yours, while still seeing it to completion faster and for less money. This makes semi-custom a sweet spot for a lot of buyers.

How To Choose Your New Construction Home Builder

First things first, not all builders are equal. So whichever of the new home builder options we’ve described best aligns with your needs, lifestyle, and budget, be sure to research them carefully before you make a decision. Go beyond the photos on their website and do your homework. From interviewing builders and homeowners to visiting model homes and and communities, follow these tips for choosing the best home builders.

With a legacy spanning more than half a century, Campbell Homes is the oldest locally-owned home builder in Colorado Springs. We are a hybrid between a production builder and semi-custom builder. We are a high-end production builder that allows a minimal number of small custom changes to personalize your home, while maintaining a commitment to delivering your home in the time frame communicated at the time of contract.

Building the homes that  allow you to live your best life, with comfort and style, we can help answer any questions you have about your new home building options.

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