New Build vs Available Soon Home: Which one is a better fit for you?


Buying a home is always an exciting time but it requires making a lot of big decisions, too.

One of the most important decisions you’ll make about your new home is whether to choose a new-build or an available soon  house. What’s the difference?

Available Soon Homes

Available soon homes are houses that have either been fully or partially constructed already and will be ready to be lived in very soon. 

New Build Homes

New build homes, on the other hand, are pre-construction homes started “from scratch” and at Campbell Homes can be semi-customized right from the beginning of the home building process. 

 To make the best decision between these two options, you’ll need to weigh your family’s needs and priorities. Consider these factors:


Buying a move-in-ready or available soon home you will know the final price immediately, as upgrades and options have already been decided, as well as the lot selection.   Depending on when you purchase the home, there may still be time to add some options or upgrades that you prefer or remove some of the options the builder has planned, thereby adjusting the final price.

With a new build home from dirt, you will choose the plan, the lot, and all of the options and upgrades you desire. Different plans have different pricing. Lots may have lot premiums added to the cost if they are highly desirable lots, either with great views or larger in size. And, of course, your price will increase based on your design center and home electronics selections along with other options and upgrades you choose. 

That doesn’t mean that you can’t find new build homes within your budget, however. Because buying a new build home allows you to choose what upgrades you want, you can prioritize and make smart decisions to stay on budget. 


Timing is another key factor in your home buying decision. If you’re on a tight timeline, opting for an available soon home where the build is complete will allow you to get through the closing and move-in process faster. You should be able to purchase and move into a move-in-ready home within one to two months of starting the buying process, depending on the required paperwork. 

An available-soon home, may take a bit longer depending on how far along until construction is complete. Nonetheless, the process will be faster than building a new-build home from the start. 

For those with slightly more time to spare, a new-build home may be the right choice. It takes longer (approximately eight to ten months) to build a brand new home from dirt.  However, it will be exactly what you chose with all the features and options you select.

Design and Quality

One of the biggest differences between new build homes and available soon or move-in ready new construction homes is the amount of customization and control you have over the final product. 

If a specific design and style are very important to you, a new build home is the way to go. You’ll have much more creative input into the design process and style of  the home. In many cases, you can also upgrade to a higher quality product, such as insulated garage doors vs regular garage doors.

With a move-in-ready home, you have less control over the design and quality but in exchange, you get the convenience of not needing to be involved with the building process from the beginning. 

It’s all about the level of involvement you’d like to have in the design and building process. 


“Location, location, location” is a familiar phrase for anyone searching for a home to buy. If living in a specific location is important to you, that will impact your choice between a new build home and a move-in ready one. 

With a move-in ready or available soon home, a lot has already been selected for the home and construction has already started or is complete. 

With a new build home, you get to choose the lot. Perhaps you prefer a cul-de-sac or a lot that backs up to open space or a playground, or is close to the school. With a new build home, you can choose the lot that your desired floor plan fits on. Determining if there is a lot premium and if that location is worth the additional cost, is all within your control.


Final Thoughts

There’s no right or wrong decision between new build homes and move-in ready or available soon homes, just what works best for you. Typically the time to close is the biggest decision-making factor. For some, not making decisions on every detail is a bonus. By weighing these and all the other factors, you can decide on the best option for you and your family. That decision will make the rest of your search for a new build home much simpler!

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