Opening Up to Private Suite Living in the New Year / New Year New Floor Plan

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From New Year’s resolutions to well-researched goals for the future, now is the time to think about where you see yourself this year. For many, this includes finding a quality home perfect for their needs. For many the thought of a used home that someone else has occupied, complete with carpet stains from dogs and kids, isn’t appealing. The fresh, new, and never lived in appeal of a new home is understandably preferred, in addition to the ability to have a home tailor-made to their needs with luxury amenities like private suites.

What is a “private suite”?

A private suite refers to a part of a home that offers private living. Sometimes known as “in-law suites” and other times as part of a “multi-generational home”, private suites are perfect for buyers interested in providing visitors or family members with a private, all-in-one, place to stay. Private suites feature their own private entrances rather than being accessed from inside the main home, although most can be accessed that way as well for easy access to gatherings in the main part of the home.

Another type of suite refers to a bathroom connected to a bedroom. It is perhaps most common in the primary bedroom, but any bedroom can have an ensuite. Some new homes even feature multiple-en suites so that everyone has their own space with a connecting, private bath.

Homes that offer private suites and multi-ensuites come in all sizes and layouts.

Why do I need a private suite?

The private suite is a coveted element in today’s real estate and construction market. The reasons for this are multifold. First, private suites make hosting guests easy and stress-free. You don’t have to worry about sharing your own living spaces with them, for example, and can also rest assured that guests have a safe, comfortable place to relax. These suites can also sometimes be rented out, which makes them even more appealing. Another great use of a private suite is an adult child that isn’t quite ready to leave the nest. They need their own space and “starter” experience paying rent. A private suite is perfect!

Similarly, an en-suite allows you to keep your space to yourself. Instead of sharing the bathroom with other members of the family, you have access to one tailor-made for your needs whenever you need it. You can also spend more time relaxing in your room and less time trekking through cold hallways and dark stairs at night. Some ensuites feature a three-sided fireplace that can be enjoyed from the bedroom and from the soaking tub. Talk about a luxurious oasis.

New Year, New Floor plan

Do you want a home with a private suite for aging parents, adult children or visiting guests? Or perhaps you’d like to build the perfect home for your tastes and needs with a luxurious primary suite. There is no time better to plan your upgrade than today. At Campbell Homes, we know the ins and outs of picture-perfect homes with all of the luxuries and finishes you could want. This includes private suites and en-suites, which are available in many of our builds, including homes with multi-suites.

Think about the ideal space for your family. Do you need an open concept, or do you prefer a more traditional layout? Do you need many bedrooms with their own private baths? How about an office with an entrance from the porch? Whatever you need and want in your home, we can likely build it. As a semi-custom home builder, we start with a production home and over 20 plans from which to choose. Then we get to work finding out what options you want and we will even consider some custom changes.

If you are ready to move on to the home of your dreams, reach out to Campbell Homes today! Our experienced team will be happy to speak with you about your goals and how we can help.   

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