The Home Trends You’ll See in 2021, as Predicted by Real Estate Pros

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It’s a new year and that means new trends in home building and designs. Here are some of the top home trends that are likely to become popular this year.

1. Home Offices and Workspaces

Over the past year, many people have started working from home and that looks like a trend that will continue, at least for the foreseeable future.
As a result, multifunctional workspaces and home offices will only continue to grow in popularity.
Some features homeowners value in these spaces include sound insulation for greater privacy and quiet as well as transitional furniture that perhaps can be hidden away when not in use. It’s easy enough to transform a spare bedroom or bonus space into a home office but, deeper attention to detail when designing the room can make the experience of working at home much more pleasant.

2. Multiple Bedroom Suites with Connected Private Baths

As kids choose to live at home for longer periods before moving out, more and more a home layout that will become extra popular is private bathrooms connected to multiple bedroom suites.

Parents can rent these spaces to their children to give them a taste of more responsibility while still allowing them to save money on housing. This layout is also suitable for parents moving in as they get older, happily married couples who would like to sleep separately, or young kids.

3. Smart Homes

Technology keeps advancing and that includes the technology available for home use. Smart homes are gaining popularity and will probably be an even bigger trend this year. These homes use integrated technology that can control a number of functions around the house such as temperature, security, lighting, and media. Changing any of those things can be as simple as pressing a button in an app on the connected smartphone.It’s convenient and easy, giving these smart homes obvious appeal going forward. Homeowners can pick and choose which technology to add, too, with some people opting just for one or two smart home devices like video doorbells or app-controlled thermostats.

4. Green Design

Environmentally friendly choices are a strong trend across the board. Home design is no exception. There are lots of ways big and small to involve green design in a home. That might mean using repurposed materials like reclaimed wood and recycled steel or installing renewable energy sources like solar panels. Homeowners are increasingly concerned with energy efficiency and sustainability, much of which comes down to planning and the actual design of homes, rather than modifications after the fact. Still, regardless of the size of these projects, green initiatives will certainly be a major home trend in 2021.

5. Outdoor/Indoor Spaces

After being trapped at home for much of the past year, many people are going to try to find ways to bring the outdoors into their indoor living spaces. That can come in many forms and will depend on the climate of the area where the homes are located, but some notable examples are screened-in porches, small balconies, or large glass doors to create a smooth flow between the outdoors and indoor spaces. By making some simple changes to the design of a home, it can be much easier to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of one’s own house.

6. Cottagecore

Very much in line with the idea of connecting with nature and the outside world, cottagecore designs are likely to be a major trend this year. The style is all about comfort and tranquility, captured by natural decorative elements like houseplants and dried flowers paired with a color pallet of warm colors and neutrals. These choices can make a house feel more like a home or even a personal sanctuary and who wouldn’t like that?

These are just some of the various home trends real estate professionals are predicting for this year but they are a great jumping-off point for anyone considering buying a home or remodeling one.
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