Viega ManaBloc Plumbing System Explained

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Here we are in the mechanical room of one of our new homes. For the most part, our mechanical rooms look like many others. However, there is one standard feature we include in our home builds, which you will not find in every home … even higher-end ones. Unless you request it as an upgrade.

But allow us to take a step back and ask you a question: Have you ever had a remodel or repair done of your guest bathroom and as a result had to shut off the water in the whole house? In some cases, for a few hours, in others – for a few days!

The inconvenience is real, and let’s be honest, when you have a beautiful home, having to run to the gym’s locker room for a shower is just, well… not ideal.

Enter… Viega ManaBloc Plumbing System

One of the special features we put in all of our homes, at no additional cost, is the Viega ManaBloc plumbing system, a homerun method for water distribution. In essence, this is a plumbing system, which has multiple offshoots from your main water line, each going to a specific area of your home. The material of the tube is called PEX Tubing – another interesting bonus.

When you look at the installation of ManaBloc, you might notice that there are more cold water ports than hot water ports. That is simply because there are more faucets and outlets in a home that require only cold water. For example, ice-makers, toilets and outside faucets.

What is PEX Tubing?

PEX tubing, is a flexible, plastic pipe that provides faster and more efficient flow for water. It is considerably more adaptable to whatever situation you need to use it in. The flexibility of the piping material allows for PEX tubing to be fit behind walls that where traditional tubing might otherwise have trouble fitting behind, while also allowing for less water to pass through for the same results, leading to greater water efficiency.

PEX tubing is also much quieter compared to copper pipe, freeze resistant due to the tube’s ability to expand and contract, corrosion resistant, and provides color coding of the tube for hot and cold. Plus, it’s a proven and tested system.

Additional Benefits of the Viega ManaBloc and PEX Solutions Plumbing System

Easy access to control panel

The way we install the control panel for ManaBloc, allows you to quickly and easily access all shut-off valves. It’s as simple as turning a key to shut off water to an area. and

Faster hot water delivery

Envision of a copper plumbing system. Every time you need to make a turn, you need to add a 90 (or 45) degree joint. Even though that’s been done for years and works fine, in the long run each turn and additional fitting extends the route hot water needs to take, leading to loss of temperature in the process.

Because the flexible pipes go straight to your fixtures, and fit the space they need to go through, there are less joints and connections to be installed, allowing for hot water to get straight to you… in the least time possible.

  1. Less chance of leaks
    As mentioned above, the Viega PEX system reduces the number of fittings behind the walls, which in turn reduces the possibility of leak points.
  2. Fewer water pressure drops
    Because the pipes go directly to the needed fixtures, during the install, each fixture gets the pipes that meet its needs, which allows for independent flow of water.
  3. Controlling the amount of water that reaches different areas of the house
    Similar to an electric panel where you can control the electricity to different areas of your home, another top benefit of the ManaBloc system is that homeowners can control the water flow to different areas of their home, without affecting the whole house.

Imagine these scenarios:

Campbell Homes Manabloc Plumbing System Explained

You’re remodeling your master bathroom. With a simple turn of the respective key that controls the water to that area, you turn the water off to just the master bathroom. The rest of the home… still enjoying running water.

Going out of town and you want to turn off the water to your external faucets? No problem! Done with the turn of a key.

We are in love with ManaBloc! Are you?

Here at Campbell Homes we pay extra attention to these touches, which might not be something you think about when touring gorgeous model homes, but we do. We know they will make a big difference for you, the homeowner, in the long run!

Talk to one of our Community Sales Managers to find out what other ‘behind the scenes’ features come with a Campbell Home.

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