6 Ways Campbell Homes Keeps Your Home Cool

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At Campbell Homes, we build homes that provide a “Life with Comfort.” Life with Style.” From appliances to insulation and everything in between, we show our planet the respect it deserves with high-performance, energy-efficient homes that keep you comfortable, protect the environment, and save you money all at once. Our designer and signature series homes include many standard features to help keep you comfortable this summer while minimizing utility bills.

JamesHardie™ Hardie Plank® Exterior Siding

An excellent choice for homeowners seeking durable and low-maintenance siding. With a 30-year warranty, this siding product offers peace of mind and long-lasting performance. Its durability ensures that homeowners will save on maintenance costs over time, making it a smart investment for any home.

Insulated Therma-Tru® Fiberglass Doors

A superior option when it comes to maintaining comfortable interior temperatures. Unlike wood doors, they won’t warp or split, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution. These doors help isolate the interior from external temperature fluctuations, ensuring a cozy living environment throughout the year.

Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation

With an R-50 rating for attics and R-23 for exterior walls, our fiberglass insulation is an effective way to improve energy efficiency and comfort in your home. When combined with expanding foam sealant, which fills gaps and seals penetrations, these insulation measures enhance the overall insulation performance. The result is reduced energy consumption, improved temperature control, and increased savings on utility bills.

7/16” OSB Sheathing

Using 7/16″ OSB sheathing on all exterior walls offers multiple benefits for homeowners. Apart from providing everyday comfort, it acts as an air barrier on insulated exterior walls, contributing to energy savings. Furthermore, the inclusion of OSB sheathing improves the structural integrity of the home, ensuring a sturdy and durable construction.

Programmable Thermostats

The programmable thermostats offer homeowners control over their heating and cooling systems, even when they are away. This feature provides convenience and energy efficiency by allowing users to adjust temperature settings according to their schedule. In our signature series homes, we take it a step further by including a Wi-Fi feature, enhancing accessibility and allowing remote control via smartphone or other connected devices.

PRIME Energy Star Certified Low-E Vinyl Double Pane Windows and Patio Doors

These windows and doors not only protect your home from harmful ultraviolet rays but also effectively prevent the infiltration of hot air, contributing to a more comfortable indoor environment. By reducing heat gain and loss, they promote energy efficiency, helping homeowners save on heating and cooling costs while creating a pleasant living space.

At Campbell Homes we understand the importance of convenience and control, which is why our signature and designer homes allow you to manage your heating and cooling systems effortlessly, maximizing energy savings and comfort even in the hottest summer days.

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