How to Maximize Living Spaces Year-Round – Summer 2023

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The secret must be out: Colorado Springs can take your breath away. With awe inspiring vistas and breathtaking landscapes, the surrounding area offers dynamic weather patterns and brings nature closer than ever. Merging nature and living spaces has created a huge surge in indoor-outdoor design options. Many homebuyers are seeking traditional spaces with a twist; seamless and dynamic living spaces are becoming the norm. Whether looking for uninterrupted transitions from indoor to outdoor spaces or the perfect natural touch, we’ve got it covered.

The Perfect Touch

There is nothing more impressive than entertaining guests in a space which merges indoor comfort and outdoor living spaces. Adding the perfect natural touch to an indoor space has also become increasingly popular. 

These are just a few of the emerging trends in maximizing your living space: 

  • Heated Flooring
  • Using Natural Materials
  • Indoor Nature
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Metal Firepits
  • Natural Lighting 
  • A Personal Touch
  • Productivity and Wellbeing Space
  • Oversized Sliding Doors/Bi-fold Exterior Glass Doors

Heated Flooring

Colorado offers some of the most beautiful landscapes imaginable, but it also provides one of the most challenging climates in the country. One way to keep the elements at bay is by installing heated flooring. This is more than just a convenience. Heated floors offer high energy efficiency while requiring little to no maintenance. Everyone living in the area has experienced the bite of winter which seems to shorten the time outdoor spaces can be enjoyed. Heated flooring is one of the hottest trends in residential homes. They provide a way to reclaim the indoor-outdoor space, creating a comfortable area. Even during cold months in Colorado Springs, families can continue to enjoy their outdoors areas with a heated floor.

Using Natural Materials

One of the most popular trends is the use of natural materials to create cleaner, eco-friendly areas in and around their home. Homeowners can reap the benefits of using stone and wooden accents and building materials, which create healthy, relaxing environments for all.
Natural stone has become increasingly popular in bathrooms, floorings, countertops, fireplaces, and even exterior siding. Natural wood has become more common in furniture, flooring, and cabinets. 

Utilizing layered textures and wood tones can help to add a natural feel to any living space. Whether adding a touch of summer through light and warm tones with linens and cotton or a bit of relaxation with rattan and bamboo, natural materials can take any home space to another level. From bedrooms to patios, natural materials can provide the perfect touch to any indoor or outdoor space.

Indoor Nature

An incredibly impactful trend is bringing nature inside to add a beautiful touch to any space. This can be done by adopting a nature motif or theme for indoor spaces. This might be in the form of various plants or botanical wall art. Either can add the perfect outdoor touch to indoor space. Adding a summer feel to the long winter months can help keep the winter blues at bay. Ferns, snake plants, and monsteras can add a summer feel to any home with a tropical touch. 

Bringing in outdoor colors and lush foliage can add a summer feel to any home in any season. Typically, bright colors whisper of sunny days and beach vacations, while pastels and earthy colors can help to create a relaxing mood. Mix and match to create the perfect blend of color and mood to your living spaces.

Outdoor Kitchens

An increasingly popular way to use available outdoor space is by employing kitchen spaces in outdoor patio areas. These are not obtrusive, kitchen expanses, but rather a fully functioning kitchen on a smaller scale. This might include flat-top griddles, freezers and refrigerators, and even kegerators. If there is limited space, consider a grill with a griddle which can offer sear zones for steaks and rotisserie attachments. 

Metal Firepits

Much like the heated floors, firepits can help to reclaim outdoor living space from the elements. It is important to match the firepit’s BTU output to the size of the space. When properly matched, even on the coldest nights, families can enjoy the outdoor space beyond their patio doors. This can help break the monotony of the potentially long winter nights in Colorado Springs.

Natural Lighting

The trend of natural light has gained popularity over the last decade. Architectural design has always tried to emphasize the natural light occurring in a particular space. Between employing skylights, natural colors, open spaces, large windows, reflective materials, and retractable walls, spaces can be made to amplify and enhance the available natural light. 

A Personal Touch

While at one time, neutral was the mantra, it has become a bit passe. It has become far more appealing to see a bit of personal flair when considering decorating trends. This helps people to express their personalities. Whether showing a collection in a meaningful and tasteful way or displaying the fruits of a favorite hobby, offering a space with a mix of texture, patterns, and color accents, can make all the difference. Curating the perfect mix of these things can bring a beautiful accented space whispering of summer.

Productivity and Wellbeing Space

With more companies than ever offering remote work as an option, people have been carving out home office space to adapt and ensure a higher degree of productivity. While more people than ever are working from home, they also realize the importance of self-care and their own wellbeing. This has led to many homes using available space for multiple uses. The office space could very easily be used as a part-time fitness or yoga room.

Many times, ambient, natural light, indoor plants, and efficient airflow can help to convert any space into a relaxing locale allowing for maximum relaxation. 

Oversized Sliding Doors/Bi-fold Exterior Glass Doors

As people downsize in an attempt to live more affordably, making the most out of existing space is pretty important. Oversized sliding doors/bi-fold exterior glass doors are perfect for this. They allow easy access to the outside, oftentimes replacing most of the available wall space, and are easy to fold out of the way. There is no runner to worry about, or broken screens to repair. With oversized sliding doors/bi-fold exterior glass doors, it is easier than ever to take the convenience of your home outside. 

In Conclusion

While this list is by no means an exhaustive list, hopefully it can provide inspiration for readers to find their own inner artist. With the resurgence of some classic trends and the uptick in curated spaces, the latest trends are both exciting and worthwhile. Whether recapturing unused outdoor space due to Colorado Springs weather extremes or adding the perfect indoor touch, little touches can add the necessary accent to provide lasting beauty and relaxation.

At Campbell Homes, we pride ourselves in providing beautiful living spaces with unique designs and floor plans. Working with our customers, we strive to create one of a kind living experiences in every home. Employing award-winning craftsmen, our indoor floor plans and outdoor gathering spaces are always inviting. Reach out to us today. We are Campbell Homes.

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